Everything on the Topic of Suffering

2007 February 9

Everybody suffers. How much?

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From http://autisticbfh.blogspot.com/2007/02/life-is-suffering.html : 

“Many people nowadays, living a pampered existence in our wealthy consumer society, seem to have forgotten what our ancestors knew—that we grow and evolve by dealing with adversity, not by avoiding it. We gain strength and wisdom when we confront our difficulties and find ways to learn and benefit from them. (…) everybody suffers, not just those who are described as “sufferers.”

From http://gazpachot.blogspot.com/2007/02/is-suffering-relative.html :

“I waiver on what I call The Transitive Proportion of Suffering Capacity. Is a hangnail in Beverly Hills proportionately equal to having your arms cut off in Africa? Before you lick the envelope on your letter bombs, what I’m asking is this: is the intensity of an individual’s suffering relative to their life experience? Is suffering relative or is suffering more of a fixed scale, the extremes of which only a few humans will ever get to know?”

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